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Popped in for a quick hello at Killercon

Headed down to Austin for Killercon on Saturday. If you don't follow me on Twitter, you might have missed out on some of the pics. I'm just going to drop them below. It was great to be there to see DW Hitz & Candace Nola win for best Anthology. Really cool moment.

DW Hitz, Patrick Harrison III, Mike Ennenbach, and I getting ready to drop our next album.

It was great meeting my editor Lisa Lee Tone face-to-face for the first time.

Always great to hang out with RJ Benetti. Dude knows how to tell a story.

You can see my & Nik's hands so I'm not sure what Mike is shocked about. 3/4ths of The Generator here. Go find it on Amazon: The Generator.

Judith & I are cover buddies. The joys of stock images, lol. It was nice to meet her and got to see her do a reading of her newest book, Beast of Burden coming out 8/20.

Always a joy to see Kenzie Jennings.

Everyone liked dinner ... really.

Wish I had more pics, but it was fun just hanging out and seeing everyone for the day.

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