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Shadow, Sins, a Goatman, and Saint Patrick

Happy Saint Patrick's Day. I'm still working on a serial idea so instead, I'm going to share 2 stories of my younger days that deal with the holiday. Then I'll provide links to my books because what goes better with green beer than horror novels?

For those who don't know, I majored in history at the University of Texas in Arlington during the 90s. To do so, you have to take a course on writing a full research paper. It taught you all the ins and outs needed to write a successful paper, footnotes, and all. It's boring and I only remember 2 things about the class. One was a Dallas Cowboy fan who daily ranted about Troy Aikman (the Cowboy's Quarterback) being gay, and the other was not all research could be done in the University's library.

Now while I realize this sounds like I'm rambling and nowhere near the subject of Saint Patrick, don't worry I'm not about to dive into the Skip Bayless theories of Aikman's sexuality. It's my 2nd point that ties in and the true power of laziness.

You see I selected the birth of Scotland Yard as the subject for my 25-page paper. I was excited, the teacher was excited, and Scotland Yard was excited...maybe...possibly...not really but they didn't decide the final grade so it didn't matter. Now for you whipper-snappers out there, this was before people used the internet for anything. You had to go to the library and look everything up on microfilm or in books. So I walked to the library and after looking for the books I would need, ran into a wall.

For you see, UTA kept all the books and files on Law Enforcement in another building. A building that I had no idea existed, let alone where to find it. So I weighed my options and decided to ask for directions involved contact with too many people and was a bit of a hassle. Instead, to my teacher's disappointment, I switch the topic of my paper to Saint Patrick and the pursuit of the Church to convert Ireland. I can only guess that Saint Patrick's Day was close to the topic selection deadline. For those curious, I got a B(points taken off for a format issue) and have no idea what I wrote or how I was able to get to 25 pages...

The other event that revolves around Saint Patrick's Day involves my wife. It was our first official date. I took her to an NBA game, Celtics vs Mavericks. I spent the whole game telling her what was going on since she wasn't a fan. At the end, she told me she appreciated it since the last time she went to a game on a date, the guy shushed her when she asked questions. Who does that? After that, we went to Bennigan's for their celebration since my sister worked there and they were an "Irish" restaurant.

9 months later, she accepted my proposal, and my only request was we get married on the 17th. Television and movies had pounded into my head that I was destined to forget our anniversary so I figured this way I'd at least never forget the date...


For your Saint Patrick's Day enjoyment...


The Sins of the Past is Victorian supernatural horror. It has action, adventure, mystery, bad guys, fun characters, and tentacle monsters...find it here.

The Shadow Within is a story about a terrible spirit, trapped but looking for a way to escape. It finds it in a young boy, who grows up to be a terrible man. It's also about a woman, who thinks she might be in love with the "one". To find out she braves a trip to the country with his teenage children. As this family is trying to feel each other out, they run into the terrible man. This is my Richard Laymon homage - lots of sex and violence. Find a copy here.

The Pope Lick Massacre is about a young woman forced to give up everything to help with her family. One day her little brother disappears on a camping trip. She races out with a group of friends to try and find him and his troop. Little does she know they were found by the Goat-man of Kentucky. Find a copy here.

A The Pope Lick Massacre Review

A The Shadow Within review

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