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Shaken not stirred...

Roger Moore

To be honest, I forgot he died 2 years ago. I saw a post on Facebook that said he passed today and I wanted to write something about My James Bond...then I saw he died two years ago and thought I better delete this so I don't look like an idiot. But lets be honest, I am an idiot and he still is my favorite Bond...

I was born in 1975 and saw my first Bond movie, Moonraker, in the theater in 1980(I lived on base in Germany and on base you got movies a little after they premiered in the States). My neighbor had a VCR and I was allowed to go over and sit on their couch and watch the older Bond movies.

Every two years, another Bond Movie would show up at the theater and I was ready opening night to witness the amazing opening sequences, the tongue-in-cheek humor, the beautiful Bond Girls, and the amazing devices. Although Roger Moore was the oldest Bond when cast, and especially after he retired, he never seemed out of place to me. Bond was smooth, cool under pressure with a dashing smile, and a quick wit.

Of course, times change and we grow as an audience. After Moore left, we got Dalton who no longer acted like a playboy and was more of a one-woman Bond(something Moore or Connery would never consider). Then after two movies of that, Brosnan finally got the part and while he never moved at the speed of the earlier Bonds, he was more the playboy than Dalton was ever allowed. After his run, it was decided that the gadgets were the problem. Audiences needed more realism in their movies and the action needed to be in your face and real. No more magnetic watches or grappling suspenders to fight the good fight but Bond did return to his womanizing ways.

And while I enjoy Daniel Craig's version of Bond. Nothing was more exciting than Roger Moore taking on Mr Big or defeating Jaws or doing the impossible and seducing Grace Jones. And so while Moore's Bond comes across as campy, unrealistic, and even silly at times in this day and age; his version is the one that taught me good triumphs over evil, the good guy gets the girl, and you don't always have to solve every problem with violence but a good right hook comes in handy.

Rest in Peace, Roger Moore, the greatest Bond.

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