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Signed Copies Available.

I have everything in stock except Donn, TX 1978, but copies are on the way. Just send me a message through the site or DM me on Facebook. They are also available on Amazon in paperback & ebook.

The Shadow Within

The Pope Lick Massacre

The Sins of the Past

The 3 Donn, TX books includes 6 stand-alone stories that all help build upon the Donn, TX universe.

The Donn, TX Collection Vol 1

Donn, TX 1978

Donn, TX 2002

I have copies in for these 3 anthologies. The lineups for each book is impressive and I'm honored to have stories in each. If you are a fan of the Goat-Man, then you'll want to grab a copy of Cryptid Carnage as I take readers back to his home state in "The Princess of Pope Lick".

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