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So I hear you like to experiment...

Then do I have a collection of poetry for you to check out.

From the book's Amazon page:

What is contained within this book is a collection of experimental poems spawned from one of the most vocal imaginations in Indie horror and science fiction over roughly one year of his life. Some are vivid, and graphic. You have been warned. Others are ephemeral and almost playful. Stilted rhymes are okay here.

This isn't the poetry rammed down your throat in grade school or even high school. This poetry is a raw stream of consciousness where Hempseed rips open his chest to show you his beating heart. More importantly, it's the kind of stuff where you don't need to be a fan of poetry or even understand the nuance to appreciate what is being shared on the page.

J. Hempseed shared a poem that isn't in this particular volume but will give you an idea of what you will find.

let me in! open the door, i can make you feel better, you whore, the voice in my head, sounds like the monster under the bed,

as it whispers in my ear, all the dirty things i don't want to hear, so i turn to the bottle, a surefire model,

for self destruction, or maybe it's just obstruction, what do i really know? i'm just a moron, going with the flow,

a Clown with no circus, and bile in surplus, trying my hardest to entertain, while also trying to maintain,

some semblance of who i am, i know you don't give a damn, but to me this is everything, my legacy, dangling by a string.

J. Hempseed – the voice in my head

You can get the eBook on Amazon - it's free if you have Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback. Click Here


Don't forget to go to Carver Pike's Youtube channel and subscribe. He already has 4 videos up. Don't miss your chance to have an amazing writer read you a chapter or 2 of books that just may become your new favorites.

Here is Carver reading my book, The Pope Lick Massacre. It's a fun idea and will introduce you to new styles and writers.

Here is the link so you can subscribe - First Chapter Freakshow


Just wanted to give everyone an update on my next book. I'm almost 12k words into the 3rd tale and think when it's all said and done, there will be more than enough in those 3 stories to have a completed volume.

This will include the story I shared here, Donn, TX 1969 but will also have a tale in the 1800s and the 1920s. I may include the original story 1951 that started the whole project but I might save that for another volume. The goal of Volume 1 is to give you an overall idea of the mythos of the location and the monsters involved.

I already have several years thought out, so once I get the ball rolling, I hope to give you guys a roller coaster ride of gore and mayhem. Keep watching the page for more information.

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