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So you like to read - revisited

Yesterday was my birthday, and I got distracted from completing part 2 of 2009. I'll get that done for Monday's post, but I received some great news, and it ties in to this post from last year.

I just signed the contract for No Anesthetic Vol 2!

That's right, another collection of extreme horror is coming to Amazon and Godless soon. As soon as I know more, I will pass it along. From the little I do know, these stories are going to be amazing. Be prepared to squirm. Below you'll see what I had available at the time of the original post. It's missing some Donn, TX - but you can find those by following the earlier story's links.

First up is an extreme horror collection that will make you cringe and gasp as you turn the pages looking for more. I'm excited and honored to have a story in this collection. You can tell the book is put together by someone who loves the genre.

The Lineup:

“Woodshed” by Ronald Kelly

“The Fixer Upper” by Eric Butler

“Sometimes the Bear” by Brian Rosenberger and John Boden

“Blut Und Ton” by Damascus Mincemeyer

“A Night at the Movies” by J.F. Capps

“Sebastian and the Jungle of Misery” by Scott Harper

“Glutton of the Sea” by Simon McHardy

“Painted Nails” by C.M. Saunders

“The Hate Box in her Heart” by Thomas R. Clark

“The Verdict” by A.M. Bacon

Order it on Amazon or Godless.

All the books I've published under Naked Cat Press are now available on Kindle Unlimited. The only one you can read there for free is Donn, TX 1952 - but you can read it here for free.

The Shadow Within - ebook / paperback / audiobook

The Pope Lick Massacre - ebook / paperback / audiobook

The Sins of the Past - ebook / paperback / audiobook - coming soon

Donn, TX 1969 - ebook / paperback - coming soon / audiobook

Donn, TX 1865 - ebook / paperback - coming soon / audiobook -coming soon

I've also got stories in a number of the Black Hair Press 500-word collections (click here) and the H is for Hell in Red Cape Publishing's A-Z of Horror anthology series (click here).

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