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Solar Opposites is back and HBOMax

If you like Rick and Morty or Futurama, I think you'll find Solar Opposites not only funny but entertaining. Throughout season 1 they had a secondary storyline that was surreal and worthy of its own show. Hopefully, they continue that with season 2.


You may remember I got HBOMax so I could watch the amazing Snyder Justice League. I've been looking into the DC shows, more on those at a later date, but mostly I've been disappointed with the choice of movies. It might be that every major franchise they are offering, I already have, or maybe it's because nothing is coming out because of COVID. Either way, most of isn't worth much. That said here are a few to chase down to watch on HBO...

First up is The Comebacks. It's brainless over the top raunchy comedy, but if you are a fan of the sports movie genre, you will find a lot of laughs here.

Not sure how honest to his life the movie Tolkien really is but I found it to be a well-made character study. The cast is superb and gives you a glimpse into the WW1 time period. If you want to watch this one, you need to hurry. It leaves HBO on 3/31.

One of my favorite movies is Diggstown. It's a great boxing movie, con-man movie, and study on life in a small town. James Wood, Louis Gossett Jr, Bruce Dern, Oliver Platt, Heather Graham, and a young Jim Caviezel. I'm a sucker for under-the-radar movies, and this was just that in 1992.

My last suggestion may fall into the under-the-radar movie because it came just as the lockdown began, but The Way Back is a powerful movie with one of Ben Affleck's best performances. While they hammer the main idea with the trailers, I was taken aback by the backstory as it hits close to home for me. It's one of those movies I love while it's ripping my heart out...


Awesome post from within the Books of Horror Facebook group from a big fan of the genre. Really cool to see people's reactions to my little Goat-man horror novel.

Get a copy here...

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