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Something special for fans of extreme horror

This is a fun and extreme collection of stories by 3 writers that use the same opening line. The line is the first line from Edward Lee's classic The Bighead. Franklin Wales, Joseph Monks, and Candace Nola each tackle this assignment with unique tales that aren't for the faint of heart.

If you head over to kickstarter, you can still order a chapbook copy of this collection:

Click here for chapbook

Or you can get the ebook exclusive on Godless:

Click here for ebook


Head over to the What's in the Box? YouYube page and check out our thoughts on the new Hellraiser that Hulu released Friday. We wanted to talk a bit about this one since The Hell-Bound Heart and Hellraiser(1987) were our first 2 episodes.

Find all the episodes here: What's in the Box?

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