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Splatterpunk Awards help

If you are so inclined to help an indie horror writer out ... I would be grateful.

The nominations for Splatterpunk Awards are now open through the 29th. If you are interested in nominating any of my works, I've made an easy list to cut and paste from. Also, you can vote for any of the collections under anthologies. You have to email your choices to

In the subject line, please put Splatterpunk Award Nominations for 2022.

Novel: Donn, TX 2002

Novella: Donn, TX 1978

Short Story: Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny By Eric Butler

"In Search of the Blue Footed Booby by Eric Butler" - The Horror Collection #13 “The Best of Friends” by Eric Butler - No Anesthetic 2 "El Muerto" By Eric Butler - Trapped "The Princess of Pope Lick" by Eric Butler - Cyptid Carnage

If you vote for only 1 think on my list, I'd love to see Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny on the nominations list. It would be a nice boost.


I also wanted to tell you about PC3 Horror . Here's what it is in the author's own words:

PC3 Horror

Home of PC3's Horror and Exploitation Movie Scale of Awesomeness--PHEMSA--a 100-point rating system that conveys where a film kills it and where it falls flat. Also, expect updates on the wonderfully depraved horror fiction by Patrick C. Harrison III!

It comes to your email, and I've enjoyed the range of movies he's selected so far. There are some well known flicks, but also some deep cuts. It's a great follow.

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