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Exciting goings-on at Naked Cat Press this month.

First up, I'm excited to share that several of deadlines for the Donn, TX collection are scheduled for this month. The plan is to have it out by the end of the month for eBook and paperback with the audiobook(s) to follow right behind it.

This collection will be the foundation for all future stories. As we get closer to the release day, I will have more information detailing the new series and my plans for the next group of stories.


Speaking of audiobooks, all three of my books will soon be available through ACX on Audibles and iTunes. The Shadow Within is done and hopefully will be ready by next week. The Pope Lick Massacre is in production right now, and I hope to be able to share it with you by the end of the month. The Sins of the Past is in the audition stage. Once the narrator has been selected, I'll let you know the time frame for that volume will be.

I'm excited for you to hear the narrator, Micah Cottingham, of The Shadow Within and Pope Lick. She's captured the tone and voice of each project. Once we get closer, I'll have plenty to share. Keep an eye out for future release dates.


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