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Stumbling into Monday

This is the face of a thief. Do not be fooled by Totoro's sweet expression or her big blue eyes. She will try and distract you from her crimes with a kiss or a snuggle but you must resist. If you don't there will be no sweets left in the house for you to enjoy.

She has been know to sneak away with cookies by the dozen, muffins - paper cups and all, bread by the loaf, and anything else you were foolish enough to leave too close to the edge of the countertop...and by edge I mean, on the countertop. She will go as far as to eat any paper towel used for cooling to remove the evidence of there even being anything on the cabinet. Forcing you to stand around and question if said baked good ever really existed.

Today's victim, other than the humans in the house that may have enjoyed eating it, was an Orange Salted Honey Cake. My wife is a baker and has branched out from everyday baked goods into a world of delectable treats. This cake is such a treat.

This cake was made from scratch and exploded with orange, salted honey, and buttercream flavors. It allowed her to practice her icing technique and came out looking beautiful. So eye-catching in fact, the little thief immediately decided she must have some. Luckily, the cake made it through the first day and everyone in the house was able to sample the cake before Totoro's plan was put into effect. It was a simple and grab.

The last section, sat on the counter, forgotten for a moment by everyone but the mastermind. She spun the plate enough to reach her target and woofed it down, before sneaking off to lay by the couch as if nothing happened. 30 minutes later the plate was discovered, licked clean, and the culprit wouldn't break under questioning...


While I'm finishing up editing my 3rd novel, writing a couple of prequel stories, and mapping out my 4th novel so I can get started, I wanted to remind you that you can read 2 of my stories for free with Kindle Unlimited.

The Irving Fontaine books are action-horror short(ish) stories of 5000-15000 words. They focus on a Civil War survivor who is traveling around the American West looking for a way to forget the atrocities of war. In his quest, he comes to realize that there are more monsters than man out in the open frontier. Every 6 to 8 weeks, I hope to have another short adventure ready for you to read. The goal is to keep the lengths shorter than a traditional book so you can enjoy them with a quick read. They will normally be $2.99 but you can get Skin Walkers for $1 or if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read these books for free.

You can find them here: Skin Walkers & To Stare Death in the Eyes.


In case it slipped by you in all this madness, The Peanut Butter Falcon is available to stream on HULU and Amazon Prime. If you haven't seen last year's best feel-good movie, then I'd suggest sitting down and watching it.

It was tough to track down in theaters - man I miss movie theaters - when it was released and took a little time to find its audience so it's easy to understand if you did miss it. This movie can't help but raise your spirits as you are introduced to the two main characters, Zak and Tyler.

Zak is a grown-up, but since he has down syndrome he is forced to live in a special home and feels stifled by their rules and regulations. He has one dream, and he has decided to pursue it no matter what.

Tyler is living with the weight of loss pulling him down. He is the down-on-his-luck loser that many people go out of their way to avoid for fear it may rub off on them. And yet, even with this burden the viewer can't help but root for Tyler.

When the 2 pair up, an epic American quest begins and we get to meet the colorful characters the American south can offer. Zack Gottsagen(Zak) and Shia LeBeouf(Tyler) shine as you watch their friendship grow and become stronger through their adventures. LeBeouf's performance reminds you why many thought he'd become a force as he grew up and out of his Even Steven role on television.

Most importantly, this movie offers something you don't get much nowadays...hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, a better place for you and your loved ones, and hope that just around the bend there just might be a happy ending.


So Disney+ finally got it right with Muppets Now episode 3.

  1. They brought in Statler and Waldorf to serve as a focus group.

  2. They kept the Swedish Chef going even though it wasn't a competitive cooking show

  3. They had Pepe return to do another game show

  4. Dr. Honeydew and Beaker had another appearance

  5. Ms. Piggy's show was actually funny this time.

Hopefully they can continue with this momentum.

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