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Super Stoked

To distract me from the pain of the 49ers not making it to the Super Bowl, I released my 2nd Extreme Horror Short, The Surrogate, on The plan is to have these shorts debut on Godless and a few weeks later they will be added to Amazon and expanded to paperback and audiobook.

I wanted to share this awesome art Drew put together for the Godless advertisement of my newest release. The man is amazing with all the extra production he provides with the Godless projects.

If you want to get it on Amazon, the preorder is up and costs $1.99. You can get the eBook immediately at Godless for only $.99.

The audiobook for Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny should be ready any day and I'm hoping by doing a pre-order on The Surrogate, we can get that audiobook done even faster. Click on the links to order the books.

Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny Godless

Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny Amazon

The Surrogate Godless

The Surrogate Amazon Pre-Order

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