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Take a trip to Pope Lick

The Pope Lick Massacre is my 2nd novel. I made this ad a month or so ago and kick myself for not thinking up the tagline at the beginning. Writing a blurb is one of the hardest parts, and many times you end up with way too much information trying to promote your idea. Honestly, the blurb I did for this one was already trimmed down well enough, but I think those 6 words tell you exactly what you need to know.

The book has been a hit with fans of horror who enjoy a fast-paced read.

Find it here: Amazon, B&N, Godless

Of course, I want you to check out all of my books but the reason I'm showcasing The Pope Lick Massacre today is that one of my favorite people in Indie Extreme Horror is doing something really cool. Carver Pike, the author of Scalp, Grad Night, and so much more, is highlighting the first chapter of other Indie writers' books on his YouTube channel. He was kind enough to feature Pope Lick. Go and subscribe so you can keep up with his posts. This is going to be a very cool, and fun way to be introduced to new and exciting writers.

Go to his website to find his books


So the last 9 weeks have been showcasing an idea I had for a series of stories based in Texas. I'm still working on the name but I have 1 more story finished, and another 1/4 of the way done. At that point, I may release them as a collection or add another few tales to the pile. I want to see the word count to see which direction will be best - I want to make sure you readers get the best bang for your buck.

That said, I'm going to switch gears next week and give y'all something new to read. I haven't decided if it will be a long serial like Ephraim was at the beginning or a quick short that you can read over lunch. Hopefully, I decide before next Tuesday...

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