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Texas Author Con was a success

The first annual Texas Author Con was great fun. Thanks to everyone there, and who came out to support Texas writers. I think the event is only going to get bigger and better. That said I'm wiped out so the top 10 2019 horror movies will get bumped to Wednesday. Here are some picks from the day and links to the writers.

Click on the writer to find their author page, Facebook page, or their webpage. Below that I'll just have some pics from the event. If you couldn't make it to the event, here's your chance to discover some new stuff.

Chris Miller, Patrick C Harrison III, Jaime Hernandez, Richard R Rose, Alathia Morgan, Nik Stanosheck, Merrill David, RJ Hanson, Eric Butler, Linda Anthony Hill, Mike Ennenbach, C Derick Miller, and Rowland Bercy Jr.

If you like the shirt, Joe Garcia has an amazing site filled with cool and hard to find shirts. Go and do a deep dive.

And of course, before the event, the girls helped me get ready

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