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The Donn, TX Collection continues ...

The third installment of Donn, TX is now available on Kindle Unlimited. This story takes us to a time before the city of Donn existed, but as always there is the corn.


For Eli Larkin, the war is over. There is nothing left but to return home to his wife and children. As he draws nearer, he is pulled to the cornfield to discover a horrifying truth.

The carnage he witnessed in the war is nothing compared to the savage road of slaughter he soon will traverse; for Donn, TX needs its caretaker, and it requires it to be born in butchery.

Find it here : Donn, TX 1865

You can read the first installment for free on my site or pay a buck on Amazon -

Donn, TX 1952

You can read this installment for free with Kindle Unlimited or $1.50 on Amazon eBook. Or you can listen to it on Audiobook with the incredible Micah Cottingham narrating.

Donn, TX 1969 Kindle

Donn, TX 1969 Audiobook

Some reviews for the first 2 installments are pouring in with everything from pedestrian and predictable to creepy and horrifying. You be the judge.

I'm still working on the non-horror list of movies for 1982. I'm thinking it will post next Wednesday unless I get it out on a random day between now and Monday's post on the horror movies of 1983.

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