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The Ephraim Godwin Chronicles is coming to novel form.

The first collected adventures of Ephraim Godwin in novel form will be available on February 26th in paperback and on Kindle, with Pre-orders open today for Kindle purchases.

While it will have similarities with the original weekly serial, I have gone back and rewritten sections to give the novel a smoother read. I've also removed any loose ends or wayward paths a weekly serial can create. This novel is a complete story and doesn't require any serial reading to be enjoyed.

One aspect of the horror genre I love is the broad range it covers. My first 2 novels, The Shadow Within and The Pope Lick Massacre, are both smack dab in the splatterpunk horror world. They are extreme looks at terrible things that ordinary people have to face. They are available in paperback and on the Kindle.

This novel is also a horror novel, but not in the same vein. The Sins of the Past has a true horror element but includes many of my other favorite genres. A simple way to describe it might be as a Sherlock Holmes & Cthulhu mashup...although that would be too simplistic as it has neither Holmes nor any of Lovecraft's original old gods.

But it's my hope that when you read The Sins of the Past, you experience my love of those Victorian mystery-action-adventure stories that Holmes often finds himself mixed up in. And while I don't call on any Lovecraft creation by name, I think you will discover the feel of the old-time creepy stories of unknown monsters and all-powerful beings looking to once again rule over our world.

Here is the back cover with the blurb for The Sins of the Past...

The Ephraim Godwin Chronicles will introduce you to a world that while familiar is filled with the fantastical and supernatural. Click here to pre-order on Kindle.

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