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The Pope Lick Massacre is almost ready.

I am getting very close to getting this out to the public. I have a proofreading copy in hand and after going over it, I can fix any last-minute proofing issues. There were a few in The Shadow Within when it was released and it drove me crazy. In my rush to get it out a few typos slipped by and while I was super excited and proud to get it out, I was a bit embarrassed by the early copies that got out. I know even the big boys release books with an error here or there, but us independent writers want (and need) to do better. It means a lot to me when you give my books a chance, and I want to make sure you have something as close to perfect as possible.

Another bit of great news, The Independent Book Review has reviewed the book and given it a really good review. The site would like to showcase it (something they did with The Shadow Within) and that is awesome and humbling news. I will share a few of their quotes, but until it is released on their site I have to keep the complete review to myself.

That being said, I'm moving through both the kindle and paperback versions to try and catch anything that slipped through the cracks and I hope to have a release date for you in the next couple of days. Until then I have the book trailer complete to give you an idea of what it's about...

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