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The Pope Lick Massacre is available on Amazon

I've done a soft release of my second novel, The Pope Lick Massacre. If you follow my author page on Amazon (and it would be super cool if ya did), you probably already know as they send out an email. I'm about to start a big push on social media, but I wanted to start here on my blog. You can get it on the Kindle or in paperback. There had been a delay with printed material on Amazon, but they seem to be back on schedule.

And like always, Prime members get free shipping. Oh yeah!

I've updated the website as well. I've added a "How to Help" page with suggestions for helping any of your favorite Independent Writers and an extended opening on the home-blog page. I plan on doing this every month with any new and exciting news. You will also see a new page for the 2nd book. All the book pages will have ways to watch the trailers, see reviews, and get to the books quickly.

Makes it real easy to share on social media...

I also want to throw a super big THANK YOU to everyone who immediately purchased The Shadow Within right out of the gate and was forgiving to a new author/publisher. I learned some new tricks since my first release, and The Pope Lick Massacre is going to look great on your phone, tablet, or in paperback. FYI...I've gone back and updated the formatting on the Shadow Within so it will also look great to new readers.

Amazon basically told me suck it when I asked them to update people who'd already purchased it

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or hit me on Facebook. If you don't follow my author page, please do. It helps a lot. Also something I'm going to put on this post a few others, I have bookmarks for both books. If you want some, let me know and we can work out getting some to you.

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