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The Shadow Within Audiobook - chapter fix at bottom

The audiobook is out for The Shadow Within. I know I'm biased as this is my baby, but the narrator knocks it out of the park. I was so lucky to find Micah Cottingham in 2019 to do the book trailer reading but even luckier to get her to read the whole book once I decided to offer that option. She's already working on The Pope Lick Massacre and everything I've heard has been amazing. I've included a chapter sample below for you to get an idea of her take on the book.

A relentless evil possessing an already depraved man... gruesome and perverse acts of brutality... Will anyone survive? Centuries ago the natives captured and imprisoned a life force of pure evil and unending hunger. Thirteen years ago an eight-year-old boy woke the darkness. It grows in strength every day and now the boy is a man. A man skilled in terror and violence, the very things the darkness needs to finally break free. Jill, a city girl at heart, was surprised when the car came to a stop. Jack wasn't kidding when he said they were going to the boonies. A family vacation, her with Jack and his teenage kids, was not her idea of fun but Jill was ready to take the next step. She wondered if this trip was Jack’s way to say he was ready as well. As the man stalks through the countryside, unleashing panic and dread, will Jill be able to escape with Jack and his children? Or will the man soak the ground in blood and release … THE SHADOW WITHIN

Audible US

Audible UK


There was an issue with the website and at some point you may have gotten an early copy of the audiobook missing 5 minutes from chapter 22. If the correction didn't update on your audiobook, and you want to hear it, then you can jump over to The Shadow Within's page and scroll to the bottom. I've provided the link below to make it easier.

Chapter 22 fix

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