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Things for you to check out in December

First up, I have a story in the newest KJK Publishing Anthology. This is the 13th collection in his Anthology series, and this is a killer lineup.

Table of Contents The Noose by Nick Roberts Christine and Tracey by Matthew Cash Author Letters to Santa by John Durgin The Oak by Steve Stred Anti-Claus by Graham Masterton The Blood-Witch by Nicola Lombardi The Upstairs Neighbour by David Sodergren In Search of the Blue Footed Booby by Eric Butler A Disturbed Sleep by DE McCluskey Enjoy Your Show by Christina Bergling The Last Meal by Veronica Smith The Long Con by P.J. Blakey-Novis - Storyteller Skin Flick by Shaun Hutson The House on Royal Street by Tom Deady Cursed by R.E. Sargent Bad Ink by Matthew Brockmeyer Lost in Ephemera by M Ennenbach All That Glitters by Gord Rollo Blueprint by RJ Roles Author Group Blood on the Road by Mike Duke - Author Edited by Natasha Sinclair

The ebook is available now, and is also on Kindle Unlimited. The paperback will be ready early this week, if not today. Click here to order: Amazon.

Earlier this month, I had a story included within the 2nd Dark Dozen Anthology by Candace Nola. It's an amazing lineup of writers, and you should get it to experience all the different styles and takes within the indie horror world. You will find a new favorite within this group. Click here to check it out: Amazon.

And finally, I just sent in the audio of my story "The Best of Friends" for the Godless Reads series. It will be ready later this month - the 27th I think - and I'm hoping to have a new exclusive release on the same day. I'll have more info on that before Christmas. Here's the first of the series, and if you like Godless & extreme horror, you need to go check out the channel.

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