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But let's find out

I am in my 40s and recently quit my job of 20 years to take care of my ill son and to pursue my love of writing.  Within this blog, I hope to cover all the ups and downs I will face as I go from unpublished to published writer, while facing the challenges of being a stay at home dad to a teenager battling Crohns and colitis. Along the way I'll spout off on pop culture and revisit the entertainment that made me the person I am today.  My writing primarily falls under horror but I hope to branch out to other genres as I travel down this path. 

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Third time's the charm

Updated: Feb 20

Or something like that. I've attempted to blog over the years and every time I got bored or flustered and dropped it. But I have a plan and hopefully this time it will stick. As you can see there are categories so if I write something that day you are not interested in go ahead and ignore it. Although who knows, maybe you'll discover something new and exciting.

My plan is to have something new on the blog 3-4 times a week. Sometimes it's going to be personal and other times just me rambling about something in pop culture or the NFL. I know I'm supposed to focus the blog on one thing and pound it to get a large audience but I hope I can get a good sized group by sharing all my interests and letting people inside my head. Maybe if it grows too large, I'll branch out to numerous blogs more specialized but for now you're stuck with all of it.

And while this blog is for me to ramble out my thoughts, I welcome you to join in. Please leave comments, argue with me when I make a dumb point, and let me know how amazing I am when I make a fantastic point. It may be the only human interaction I have that day so don't leave me hanging.



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