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This Friday I will be on the Horror Nerds Facebook page

Final reminder - I will be out in the wild this Friday.

Donn, TX 2002 is the Indie Horror Spotlight in the Horror Nerds Facebook Group. It is a private group, so you have to ask to join, but it's a super cool group that focuses on all things horror. If you like horror and are on Facebook, you should join this quickly growing group.

One of the coolest things about writing horror stories/novels have been meeting some of the most amazing people. 2 of them, Brandy & Andy Carroll, are the masterminds behind this group and the monthly focus on Indie horror writers. I hope they know how important they are to all of us Indie writers; their friendship and support make the daily grind of this crazy industry easier.

Sometime in mid-April, I will sit down with them for a virtual interview and we will discuss all things Donn, TX 2002, the indie horror scene, and all the stuff in between. If you are interested in seeing me have a panic attack live on a zoom meeting, make sure to tune in.

That's all I got for now, but I have some big news coming soon.

Thanks for all your support on this page, and with my writing.

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