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Time for horror fans to meet Candace Nola's newest creation, Bishop.

Sorry for the delay. I've been working on helping the wife move my mother-in-law to a retirement community in another state. We are in the final week of prep and it's got my days all messed up. Luckily, I already knew exactly what today's post needed to be about ... Candace Nola's newest book Bishop.

So if you don't know, Candace Nola is the mastermind behind Uncomfortably Dark, where you will find reviews, horror news, author resources, and so much more. She's also released some pretty cool books, the most recent one, Bishop, is coming out this Friday, April 1st.

I'm a fan of Candace as a person, and a writer so I may be biased, but I think everyone needs to include her books in their Indie Horror Library.

First up is Bishop - you can pre-order the ebook now and paperbacks will be available on Friday, April 1st.

If you are a fan of TikTok, she has a cool book trailer over there - Click here.

The reviews are rolling in and people are loving Bishop. Don't get left behind.


Last year, Candace introduced us to a new Western hero, Hank Flynn. It's available in ebook, paperback, and hardback.

Hank Flynn is a tormented man.

He’s an outcast among humans, and condemned to confront evil, for as long as he lives.

Serving a higher power, Hank wanders the earth alone, until he stumbles into Protection, Kansas. Mortally wounded and delirious after a demonic encounter, Hank Flynn is desperate for help.

Wallace Bixby, a local merchant and man of faith, graciously opens his home to the broken stranger. Hank Flynn discovers the meaning of family and community, and the avenging drifter finds peace with Josie Bixby, the young woman who heals his body and his heart.

The town of Protection is exactly what Hank needs, and the town needs the man with special talents, who slays demons. He deals out a unique brand of punishment to anything breaking the law, or threatening the people he loves.

But when the Devil himself comes calling, Hank Flynn must risk everything for the town he now calls home.

You can see a book trailer for Hank over on TikTok - Click here.


Candace's first 2 books are a series. If you like a bit of fantasy with your horror, than the Breach series is for you.

Book 1 - Breach

Lost in a world no longer her own. Laraya Jamison is a young woman on a camping trip with close friends before the start of college classes. When they are savagely attacked by a creature that defies description, she flees into the woods, unknowingly crossing through a breach between realities. Lost in a dark world full of creatures, hostile plant life and a banshee intent on hunting her, she must learn to confront her fears and figure out how to survive on her own. She must figure out where she is and how she got there in order to get home, but her survival depends on fighting monsters and demons that seem to have been ripped directly from her nightmares. With only a curious group of insects to aid her, she battles her way through this new world, but will she survive long enough to discover the truth behind her new reality?

Book 2 - Beyond the Breach

One year after Laraya battled her way home from a horrifying alternate reality created from her childhood nightmares, she finds her dreams haunted once more by visions of the banshee intent on hunting her. The guardians of the world she left behind, the Naman, are calling out to her, in her dreams, in desperation. The banshee is slaughtering the innocents of that world in an effort to pull her back.

Her nightmares are calling her back to the breach, to battle once more, for the innocent and for everything she holds dear. The Naman, the Jackflies and the Pretty Things all aid her in waging war on the murderous banshee that is determined to be unleashed in her reality.

Will she defeat the evil that haunts her world before it destroys her?

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