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Time is running out but you might be able to slip in these Amazon Prime Shows before heading outside

While there are several streaming sites and apps that have original material, I find many of my favorites are on Amazon Prime. They have a wide selection that jumps around genres and styles, unafraid to take chances. Tonight I am suggesting the following three:

First up is Carnival Row. The backdrop for this show is a fictional world that reflects the late Victorian Era, but jams in mythical creatures who are forced to this land as immigrants. Orlando Bloom stars as a detective who works within the areas the creatures are forced to live. The season follows Bloom as he tries to solve a string of murders no human sees as connected. While attempting to do this, he stumbles across a long-ago ended forbidden love. The show also fills in some of the background to explain why the creatures are in this new country, and what restrictions have been placed upon them. Bloom shines as the broken-down cop just trying to do what he believes is right.


The second show is Undone. This is animated, but not like Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, or even Archer. This show uses animation to mirror true life and to show you that within that life anything is possible. The show incorporates rotoscoping, where the animators draw over live-action. This was a technique used quite frequently by Ralph Balski in the '70s and '80s in classic films like Lord of the Rings, Wizards, American Pop, and Fire and Ice (but that's for another blog).

Here the actors acted on a small stage with minimal props. This allowed the animators to capture the amazing performances and add in all of the mind-bending action needed to share this story. Undone is about a broken woman. Because of things from her past, she can't move forward and all her relationships are combative and full of friction. However, after she gets into a car accident she discovers a new relationship with time and how it affects all those around her. It's got a trippy vibe but makes you think throughout the whole season.


The last one is brand new. Upload, from the guy who created Parks and Rec and the US version of the Office, is the story of a guy who dies earlier than he expected and is uploaded to digital heaven. Lakeview is the digital home that the rich and famous go right before they die. All their memories are put into an avatar and they have handlers that help them adjust to their new lives. Stephen Amell's little brother Robbie is the main character, and while the story follows the sitcom format, this show offers so much more than laughs.

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