Time may be running out

Depending on where you live, this quarantine may be close to finishing up but there is still time to binge some great shows on your favorite streaming networks.


GRIMM is first up. You can stream this horror-based soap opera on Amazon Prime. And although I used horror and soap opera in the description, this isn't Dark Shadows or Dallas meets Freddy Kruger. It's a bunch of stuff jammed together in a very entertaining 6 seasons. It's a cop procedural with monsters popping up all over which only helps blur the lines between right and wrong; and yet it is also a show about friendships, overcoming prejudice, and also shows how monster-hunting may change your relationships (romantic or otherwise).


PRODIGAL SON is my second recommendation. You can watch this on Hulu and I'd be shocked if you couldn't stream the whole thing on demand. To be honest, I wasn't sure I'd like this one at first, but after a few episodes you can't help but love the characters and the premise. Malcolm Bright is an FBI profiler, one of the very best in the country, who also happens to be the son of the notorious serial killer, the Surgeon. Fired from his job at the FBI, the NYPD takes a chance on him as a hired gun. Each episode is a procedural, but there is a developing story in the background that expands the relationship between Malcolm and his father. The show is worth watching just to see Michael Sheen play the serial killer who cares...


THE GUILD is the last suggestion and one that has nothing to do with horror. You can find it on Netflix, each season is an episode and there are only 6 total. This is about socially awkward individuals who get together to game online (when it was just really taking off). It will show you all the ups and downs of social interaction and quite possibly send you back to your mom's basement. Each episode originally was online and only ran for a few minutes, that's why each season is now 1 show (as they just linked them all together for easier viewing). This is very low budget, and very sketchy acting (at least in the beginning) but as it grew in popularity bigger and bigger names jumped on board. If you are a gamer, or a fan or gaming this might be your jam...although most likely you knew about it long before I did.

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