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Time to discover Carver Pike's Faces of Beth

One of the best parts of joining the indie horror world was meeting Carver Pike. He's a great guy, and one hell of a writer. I would encourage you to go and check out his books if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed.

Horror's next big thing is here. Faces of Beth is written by 2x Splatterpunk Award-nominated author Carver Pike with an introduction by Bram Stoker and World Horror Grandmaster Award-winning author Brian Keene.

Here is the blurb so you can see what this is all about -

When Andrew meets Beth at the Myles-Bend State Mental Hospital, he knows she has issues. She checked herself into the place because of her problems, but he can’t help falling in love with her anyway. He’s willing to put up with her constant mood swings and all the baggage she brings into the relationship. He’ll help raise her kids, give her siblings a place to stay, and even look after her creepy grandfather. After all, he has the space in the huge house left to him by his parents.

Marriage has its hardships, Andrew knows that, but there seems to be something else wrong with Beth. A dark entity grows inside her and he can’t help wondering if she might be possessed. Andrew can look past all the other drama in their new life, but the thing inside her that seems to want him dead – that’s kind of a deal breaker.

Get the ebook here: FACES OF BETH

Carver has an impressive collection of titles to choose from - many on KU. Click here for his author page and quick links to all his books on Amazon - CARVER PIKE


We have a date! Come and join me on Horror Nerds on April 22nd @ 7 pm Central. You must be a member of the group to watch me answer questions and be a fool. Click here to join: Horror Nerds

The main topic will be Donn, TX 2002 but it's probably going to go off the rails as we cover all my books, future projects, and my love of cheese.

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