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Trapped is going to be the next big thing in Indie Horror

So you have like 12 days left to head over to Indiegogo and get in on this beautiful book deal. There's a ton of cool stuff you can get, but they are limited so some have already sold out.

Praise for the collection is already coming out ...

So this is the next Dark Dozen Anthology from Candace Nola's Uncomfortably Dark label. The first one, The Baker's Dozen, was the Killer Con's winner for best Splatterpunk Anthology.

One of the cool things Candace does is offer a few different ways for you to get a copy of the book when it is released. She sets up a goal on IndieGoGo, and you can make sure to get an opportunity to snag the limited edition hardcover version before they all sell out. You can also pledge to different levels and creators to get specific packages that include not only the new anthology, but also a book from that creator.

So the Donn, TX Collection Vol 1 package is claimed, but you can still get the Donn, TX 2002 & 1978 package is still available.

Many of the ones offered only have 1-2 spots that can be claimed. You can also just preorder the hardback, the paperback, or the ebook if you want. Here are a few more examples ...

All the stories have the same theme of being trapped, but the writers were given complete freedom to decide what that meant. I can't wait to read all the stories myself in this killer lineup.

So click here, and head over to check out all the deals and secure your copy of this amazing anthology.

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