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Uncomfortably Dark dives into The Sins of the Past

One week into the release of The Sins of the Past and the reactions have been fantastic. Just this Saturday, the book was featured in the New Releases in Horror section of the incredible review site, run by Candace Nola (also a published author).

I've included a snippet below, but you should head over and check out Candace's full thoughts on the book and the interview she had with me. I think y'all will enjoy getting a peek inside my head.

You can find the full review and interview here.


I'm super excited to announce I have a story selected for the upcoming Splatter Ink Publication's No Anesthetic Anthology. It should be hard-hitting and very bloody.

As soon as I have more information, I'll be sure to share it here. Also, remember there will be several of Black Hare Press 500-word Anthologies featuring a story by me as well. If you enjoyed last Wednesday's story, they will be similar to that...of course with different themes.


There are 2 ways to help out this, and many other, independent writers. The first is simple...if you've read one of my books, leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. It doesn't need to be long - unless you want to write a bunch - but you'd be surprised how helpful a few lines and the stars selected are. Amazon has weird rules and sometimes won't let people leave reviews, Goodreads has no restriction that I know of...

I've included both of my Author links above in red so you can find all my works in one place to make it easier. Also don't think they need to be different. You can leave a review on one site and then copy and paste it to the other. Every review helps...

The other thing is unique to me at the moment, but many times writers may ask you to do something similar. If you have the time, every little bit helps.

The Sins of the Past is in a Cover of the month contest over at Allauthor. Every vote received allows the book to stay in the contest longer, which will be a boost with free advertising. The more people who get a chance to see it will of course raise the opportunity I have of getting it into someone's hands. If you have the time, please click here to cast a vote. I'd suggest checking out the site while you are there, you may stumble across other books that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.


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