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Uncomfortably Dark Horror is Raising the Bar for Horror Fans

The Limited Edition Hardcover

The Book: The Baker's Dozen

As every good baker knows, every dozen has an extra thrown in for good measure, and we have kept that tradition with our anthology. 13 tales of darkly disturbing, gleefully gory, baked-good filled debauchery penned for you by some of the best horrors writers in the industry await you within the uncomfortably dark pages. Each author was challenged to incorporate some type of baked good or baking theme into their original story. You'll want to sink your teeth into this delightful treat, again and again.


Now is the time to secure your copy of a truly ambitious anthology. Candace Nola has created a "limited edition volume meant to be collected, cherished and passed down." She's doing this in a few ways.

  1. The foreword will be done by horror legend, Jeff Strand.

  2. She's secured some of the hottest independent horror talents to provide stories.

  3. She's designed and is producing a book that takes the classic hardcover collector's experience up a notch with a beautiful classically designed cover by artist Don Noble.

  4. The interior pages will be a unique mix of glossy white and jet black pages with crisp black & white text.

  5. Each story will get its own "faux" cover by artist John Kostov.

  6. Each story will end with an exclusive Dark Dozen interview, only seen on Uncomfortably Dark, with the writer.

The contributing writers to this amazing collection

You will be able to check out the book in eBook and Paperback, but when I say a limited Hardcover - I mean there are only like 150 of these bad boys. This is something that people are going to be talking about and looking for in the years to come as these writers only get hotter and more in demand. While there are some copies that will be available when the book launches, the best way is to head over to her Indiegogo page and secure a copy now.

Now, what other reason should you rush out to make sure you get an amazing copy of this horror collectible? She's got quite a few in fact.

  1. There are special artist tiers that get you that specific writer's gift package and a copy of the Hardcover.

  2. A Gold Tier that gets you an eBook, Hardcover, & a limited art print plus more.

  3. A Platinum Tier that secures the Hardcover, a paperback, & a limited art print plus more.

The Paperback Cover

So what are you waiting for? Get your butt over there and grab your spot in the next hot thing in Independent Horror! Click Here: Bakers Dozen.


Don't forget you can get all these titles on Kindle Unlimited now:

The Shadow Within

The Pope Lick Massacre

The Sins of the Past

Donn, TX 1969

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