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Wednesday Ramblings

First I wanted to let you know that Crawl is available to stream on Hulu and Amazon Prime. It's a fun little man vs beast movie set in Florida as a hurricane moves in. Since we are getting to hurricane season you might want to watch so you can figure out how to outsmart these eating machines. Stars Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper with direction by Alexandre Aja(who did High Tension, Horns, and The Hills Have Eyes remake)


So you might be wondering where an original story is since this is Wednesday and Wednesday is when I released the next installment to The Ephraim Godwin Chronicles. Well if you read last week's installment, you are aware that the first arc is complete. I am working to edit that into a proper book form. Honestly not sure if there will be any changes from the weekly parts, but I have a feeling a little polishing will be called for.

So for the next couple of weeks, Wednesday may look like Monday...meaning some quick hits, movie/TV suggestions, and maybe some random bit of reminding that I wrote a few books and they are available on Amazon...

But don't worry, I'm also working on a collection of short stories set in Ephraim Godwin's Victorian England. These stories will focus on the main characters from the first serial and give you a peek into what makes them tick. The first one will focus on Zona and Zachariah Whitlock and as soon as it is ready I will post it on here for your enjoyment...


If you like BBC comedies, I have a show for you...

Just put up on Hulu, Spy is 2 seasons of hilarious fun. I would have most likely just scrolled right by it except Hulu knows what it's doing and highlighted Robert Lyndsay. You may know him from the rash of Horatio Hornblower movies A&E put out in the late 90s or if you're lucky from a show called My Family, which follows the Harper family. A couple of fun facts...

  1. The mom, Zoë Wanamaker, was Madame Hooch in the Harry Potter movies.

  2. The oldest son Nick, Kris Marshall, is a big player in Love Actually and took over the Death in Paradise series as the lead detective.

  3. The youngest son Michael, Gabriel Thomson, was in the running to be Harry Potter except they were worried he was too old to begin such a long series.

BBC America played a few seasons in the early 2000s but for some reason, you can't find the show on any American streaming service. I was able to pick up the complete set on DVD but also needed a region 2 player to watch it. Hopefully, it will be released at some point, otherwise, everyone is going to have to squeeze into my living room for a showing...but back to Spy since you can watch all 17 episodes (each around 25 minutes each).


Reviews are coming in slowly but surely on my first 2 novels...if you've been waiting to see reactions, well now's the time to pounce...

Find The Pope Lick Massacre here.

Get The Shadow Within here.

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