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Week 1 let down ...

So I've dropped the ball 2 posts in a row. I wish I had a good excuse but I was probably wallowing as my Niners dropped the ball in Chicago. Although that's not a good enough excuse to forget to get Monday's post together. I mean I knew it was Sunday this time, lol. So let's get started, and hopefully next week the Niners can beat the Seahawks.

I hope you've checked out and enjoyed my YouTube project with Donna as we discuss the books and movies that have influenced horror and take a peak at the people who are behind-the-scenes of indie horror. I wanted to share our lineup with y'all in case you want to read/watch along.

In between each book, we will talk about the movie. So 10/5 will be The Exorcist movie, 11/2 will be The Amityville Horror movie, Rosemary's Baby will be discussed on 11/30 which will bump The Omen novel to 12/14.

This will finish up our 2022 schedule and we will start 2023 with The Sentinel by Jeffrey Konvitz before switching gears and moving to Sausages: The Making of Dog Soldiers. We will combine our movie/book discussion on this one since it is a book about the making of a fantastic werewolf movie.

In between all these weeks, we hope to have a few quick hits & some interviews with the people who make indie horror stand out. This Wednesday, we will talk with Candace Nola and her role as an editor. It's full of good information of how to work with an editor and what to expect. Head over to our page and subscribe so you don't miss an episode.

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Don't forget you can grab an ebook copy of Donn, TX 1978 over at Godless for $1.99 for a few more days. It will be live on Amazon Wednesday for $3.99(special low ebook price) & $15 for a paperback. I will also be getting in copies so if you are interested in a signed one just let me know.

Click here for Godless.

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