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What's in the Box? reading & watching schedule

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Our 70's horror classics have spilled into 2023 with The Sentinel, but after our discussion on the movie (available on 1/11/23), we will be diving into werewolf horror. We'll be starting with a discussion of both the book and movie versions of The Howling. That should be on Jan 25th.

Next, we will actually talk about a Stephen King book, The Cycle of the Werewolf. If we keep to the schedule, then we will discuss the movie version 2 weeks later. However, we may combine the 2 in 1 episode. I guess we'll know better once we get to that part.

Next up, we are looking to discuss Robert McCammon's The Wolf's Hour. This will be my first McCammon, so I am excited.

We are also talking about doing The Werewolf of Paris and The Last Werewolf. We might throw in a few movies to compare them to these books and their take on werewolves.

Then we will finish our werewolf series with The Howling 2. Hopefully, this will give y'all time to read if you are interested in keeping up with the show.

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