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What's in the Box takes a look at Hellraiser

So in the first episode of What's in the Box? Donna and I discussed the Clive Barker classic, The Hell Bound Heart. Today we discuss the movie based on that book, Hellraiser. We do a deep dive into it and compare it to the book. I think it's a fun episode; it goes live when I'm asleep so here is the link to the channel so you can find it.

Click here to get to channel.

Our schedule for the discussions on books & movies will be every other Wednesday. On the off weeks, we will have quick hit videos were we suggest books or discuss things that can't wait - like submission calls or time-sensitive news. We will also release our interview episodes those weeks as well.

The first interview was with the guys from Crimson Pinnacle Press, and was filled with good info about anthologies, and authors writing together on projects. It will be out next week.

Well I hope y'all head over to our YouTube page and like, subscribe, and whatever else you need to do to find and enjoy our videos as they come out.

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