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What's in the Box? Update

Today we are releasing our next book episode. We discuss The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson. I wanted to get out the rest of this year's schedule in case y'all wanted to read / watch along with us. We have the beginning of 2023 planned out, and I think we'll have the rest of the year figured out soon. As we continue to produce the scheduled programs, we will continue to have quick hits, surprise episode (like Hellraiser 2022), and interviews with the behind-the-scenes creators that help push indie horror along. Here's what's coming up.

Oct 19th - The Amityville Horror Book

Nov 2nd - The Amityville Horror Movie

Nov 16th - Rosemary's Baby Book

Nov 30th - Rosemary's Baby Movie

Dec 14th - The Omen Movie & Book Combo

Dec 28th - The Sentinel Book

Jan 11th - The Sentinel Movie

There you have it. This way you can follow along at home. Remember to leave us some questions or comments on YouTube or our Facebook Page: What's In the Box? Horror

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