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What to do this Halloween...

Many places are discouraging Trick 'r Treating, and instead suggesting watching some movies on Halloween. I plan on doing both...well at least handing out candy to those brave enough to set out, and scavenge through this apocalyptic 2020. I might also do some reading...

If you're looking for something scary to read check out my first two novels: Available on Paperback and Kindle

The Shadow Within

The Pope Lick Massacre


You can find more movie suggestions here, here, and here from previous posts. Now here are the final group before Halloween:

Horns: On Netflix

People Under the Stairs: Stream on Fubo and Directv

Jeepers Creepers: Stream on any HBO app or Directv

From Beyond: Stream on Shudder or rent on Amazon

Ghost Ship: Stream on Fubo or Directv

House: Stream on Prime or Tubi

Warlock: Have to purchase on Amazon or Vudu but the price is close to rental cost...

Bonus suggestions: Of course you need to watch the Friday the 13th movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Texas Chainsaw Massacres...but also check out the following

Trick 'r Treat: Stream on Fubo or Directv...or buy it on Amazon (only $6.99 right now) This is my favorite Halloween movie...perfect in so many ways...

The Terrifier: Stream on TUBI: very graphic but the guy playing Art the Clown is amazing - pair this with All Hallows' Eve(an earlier suggestion) and you will have a good time...

The Cabin in the Woods: Stream on Prime and Hulu - This movie is fun and shines a light on most horror movie genres in a good way.

Evil Dead 2: Hulu - Classic movie mayhem - Perfect blend of comedy, gore, and suspense

Have a safe and Happy Halloween and see you back here Monday morning for more ramblings.

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