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Why doesn't Warner Bros. take a page from their TV shows?

But first I want to update you on my post from Wednesday. There are still going to be weekly stories, but the idea of incorporating those stories with others to make a flowing story-line between each group has evolved. I'm still working out the bumps but I am for sure going to share the process with everyone who wants to check it out.

However, since this is just out there, I have to be careful giving too much away. Someone a bit faster may take an idea and run with it before I have enough down. So I'm going to play it by ear each week to see just how much info will make it out.

The first story and info dump this Wednesday...


So, it's simple...whoever is messing things up for the DC Movie Universe - STOP! Just appoint someone to be in charge of the broad picture and then that person picks who gets to do what.

The people who do the TV and animated movies know what's what as they are consistently entertaining if not always good. Batwoman anyone?

So imagine my surprised delight when I get HBOmax for The Snyder Cut and find an ocean of other DC material. The original Justice League Animated series, the Batman Animated series from the 90s, Young Justice - one of the best takes on Teen Titans, and a number of the Batman animated films from the last decade.

The Animated Harley Quinn is everything they wanted the live-action movie to be but failed to deliver. It's filled with cursing, colorful characters, witty and hilarious writing, incredible and over-the-top violence, did I mention cursing, and a story-line that delivers growth and character development. Now season 2 may suck, I'll let you know when I check it out.

Worth watching for Clayface, Doctor Psycho, and Kiteman alone.


The other example of WB's television people getting it right is Titans. With 2 seasons out and a 3rd coming - delayed because of COVID of course. They have another well-thought-out and developed superhero story just crushing.

Side Note - I've only watched Season 1 and Episode 1 of Season 2 but so far so good.

I'd be surprised if anyone didn't know the Titans is a reference to Teen Titans - either the amazing comic from the 80s or the fun and entertaining Teen Titans Go! franchise on Cartoon Network.

The only character missing from the lineup is Cyborg of course since DC saw fit in the most recent comic reboots to move him to the big leagues - He's Justice League or bust, baby!

This still leaves us with a very impressive lineup and the showrunners with the ability to pluck lesser-known characters from different books and sprinkle them in. The main team is Dick Grayson's Robin(leaving it open for Nightwing), Starfire, Raven, and Changling-i.e. Beast Boy.

The Teen Titans have a solid run of comics to pull from and the creators get it right focusing on Raven and her heritage. Each hero starts alone or at the very least lonely, and soon we have a loose team of crime fighters looking to come together. Raven's father is a demon from another dimension looking to come to Earth to enslave it. He then would move to another, and so on until the whole universe is his. Raven is the key to his success.

Unlike the other DC shows, which I've enjoyed on and off over the years, Titans pull no punches. The show is violent, full of cursing, and adult situations. Add in cameos by Hawk and Dove, Wonder Girl, and Jason Todd's Robin, and you have a season filled with fun Easter eggs and strong storytelling. There is also a crossover with Doom Patrol to give superhero fans a taste of the crazy characters making up that Vertigo classic.

My only issue was how season 1 ended...but you won't have to deal with this as both seasons are up on HBO. Episode 1 of season 2 is the climax of season 1...makes no sense to split it as they did.

I've enjoyed geeking out and pointing out all the little hidden gems and making predictions of what will happen next or who will become what character. Season 2 looks to include a lot of story from the 2000 Johns' run so I'm expecting Aqualad and Conner to be showing up!


Don't forget to check out my books on Amazon. I'm looking to expand to Barnes and Nobles so hopefully, I'll have a big announcement about that soon.

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