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With Black Widow on the horizon, are you ready?

Stan Lee allegedly said, "Comics are like boobs. They look great on the computer but I'd rather hold one in my hand." Although these are wise words (even if he didn't say them), there are times I embrace technology to get my comic fix.

Reading comic books on a kindle screen, or any tablet really, is pretty cool as you can control how you read them - by page or by panel. Some comics have even incorporated motion in the presentation to add to the reading experience. The other cool thing is they take up nothing but memory, your bedside will not be covered in stacks of individual issues or collections.

Sidenote - this is important in my house as Kittle enjoys snacking on books and paper.

Another thing I enjoy is the constant sales Amazon and Comixology hold to move digital issues. I've grabbed out of print collections going for hundreds on the secondary market for pennies on the dollar in digital form. Sometimes I just want to read the stories and don't mind not having the originals. Other times, I have the original single issues but would rather read the story without fishing out however many issues I need. Digital helps with that the most.

So all that said I have a few digital collections of Black Widow you can check out from Amazon and depending on your membership status, might not cost a thing.

First up I will do the free ones with a Prime subscription. One of the things I love about being a Prime member is all the free stuff you can get as a member.

From 2010 - Black Widow: The Name of the Rose

Collects Black Widow #1-5. Natasha Romanoff is the Black Widow, longtime Avengers and a spy for even longer. But now someone has tried to kill Natasha…and almost succeeded. Injured gravely, almost beyond her ability to recover, Black Widow sets out to find her attacker

From 2009-2010: Black Widow: Deadly Origin

Collects Black Widow: Deadly Origin #1-4.

Trained from a young age to become a razor-sharp weapon, the Russian girl named Natalia Romanova was honed into the world-class secret agent and sometime super hero known as the Black Widow. Throughout her chaotic life of espionage and double-crosses, only one thing remained constant: her relationship with Ivan, the enigmatic man who raised her as a daughter. But when the mysterious "Icepick Protocol," suddenly strikes at her beloved father figure, the stakes of Natalia's dangerous work become even higher. With this mysterious conspiracy threatening everyone she loves, the Black Widow must untangle the decades of treachery and betrayal that have plagued her life since childhood. Racing around the globe, Natalia must confront former lovers and allies including Daredevil, Hawkeye, Hercules, Nick Fury and the new Captain America. But even with powerful allies like this, can she act quick enough to prevent her past from destroying her future?

From 2019: Black Widow: No Restraints Play

Collects Black Widow (2019) #1-5.

Jen and Sylvia Soska — the Twisted Twins — tell a story of vice, violence and vengeance! Natasha Romanoff was trained to kill. For years now, she's tried to overcome that programming to side with the angels — to be a hero. And where did that get her? Killed. By one of the few true friends she allowed herself to have. Now the Black Widow is back from the dead, angry as hell and finding those better angels harder and harder to hear. Natasha cuts a swath through the island underworld of Madripoor, and she has a party to crash — one filled with ruthless villains. But soon Natasha will be trapped in someone else's dark web! The true enemy is revealed. Lines are crossed. There is no turning back!

From 2020: Black Widow: Widowmaker

Collects Black Widow: Deadly Origin (2009) #1-4, Black Widow (2010) #1-8, Widowmaker (2010) #1-4, Fear Itself: Black Widow (2011) #1, Black Widow Saga (2010) #1; material from Enter the Heroic Age (2010) #1, Iron Man: Kiss and Kill (2010) #1.

Thrilling adventures of Marvel’s deadliest superspy! Natasha’s shadowy past once again threatens all she holds dear in a globe-hopping thriller! As the Black Widow’s house of cards comes crashing down around her, what will she do to keep her deepest secret buried? When a senator is seduced and assassinated, why does the trail followed by his journalist son lead back to Natasha? Meanwhile, espionage agents around the world are being assassinated by an all-new Ronin! The next two targets: Black Widow and Mockingbird! But Hawkeye is determined to unmask the killer! Let the spy games begin!

These next are free to read with Kindle Unlimited but are also on sale if you don't do KU.

Early stories: Black Widow Epic Collection: The Coldest War $7.99(39.99reg) or free on KU

Collects Bizarre Adventures (1981) #25; Marvel Fanfare (1982) #10-13; Solo Avengers (1987) #7; Black Widow: Coldest War (1990); Punisher/Black Widow: Spinning Doomsday's Web (1992); Daredevil/Black Widow: Abattoir (1993); Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #135; Daredevil Annual (1967) #10; Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty (1995); Journey Into Mystery (1951) 517-519.

Author note - I love Marvel Epic collections. They are my favorite way to read Marvel stories these days.

The Black Widow goes solo in adventures that defined her as one of Marvel's greatest heroes! In one of the most beloved Black Widow stories of all time, enter a web of intrigue as Natasha navigates a complex maze of international espionage orchestrated by an old foe! Then, a revelation regarding the Red Guardian draws Black Widow back into a Russian spymaster's crosshairs. Plus: Natasha teams with the Punisher to take down a rogue former government agent, reunites with Daredevil to investigate the murder of S.H.I.E.L.D. psychics and returns to post-Soviet Russia with Nick Fury!

From 2016-2017: Black Widow by Waid & Samnee: The Complete Collection $5.99(reg 26.99) or free on KU

Collects Black Widow (2016) #1-12.

A knockdown, drag-out tale of action and espionage! The award-winning creative team supreme of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee takes Natasha Romanoff to new heights — by forcing her out on the lam! The world’s greatest superspy has a lifetime of secrets — and when some of the darkest ones are made public, nobody is safe. As S.H.I.E.L.D. turns on its once-greatest asset, the Widow seeks out her own answers. But will Natasha’s hunt for the Weeping Lion send her back to the one place she never wanted to go? There’s an all-too-familiar room with a dark new name in the Widow’s future. And there awaits the deadly Recluse — who’s fixated on proving her worth by killing Natasha!

All these are great looks into what makes the Black Widow tick, and at a price that can't be beat.


If comics aren't your bag, don't forget I have 3 novels looking for a new home.

There have been some great reviews lately...

Grab your copies here:

The Shadow Within

The Pope Lick Massacre

The Sins of the Past

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