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Writing Plans

I am finishing up the layouts/edits for my first novel, The Shadow Within. This book has been my problem child for the last couple of years but I think I have it finally where I want it. When I look back I have to shake my head as I remember how excited I was to have finished a book. Little did I know how much more I needed to do to actually get to the finish line.

While writing and editing the thing was a lot of hard work, I'm beginning to see all the stuff after that is going to be what makes or breaks the project. Book design, cover design, how to distribute, and advertising is what I'm trying to slog through right now so I can have a final book I am proud to share with y'all. As I move forward I will pop in and leave updates. But for now, know I am working on setting up this book and writing my next book, The Monster of Pope Lick.

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