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You can help!

That's right, you can help a little self-published novel from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you have internet access. I have three ways you can help, The Shadow Within gain some traction without spending a dime.

Although I'm a fan of the fourth way, buy the book, and the fifth way, leave a review on Amazon.

However, let's focus on steps 1, 2, 3...

  1. You can help by going to and voting for The Shadow Within cover in their monthly cover of the month contest. The book needs to be one of the top 100 to move to the next round which ends on the 7th. Click here to vote!

  2. Next, you can go to an interview I did on with insights about the book and future projects. The more people who visit, the longer the book stays in their rotation. I also get kudos if you select on anything else on the page as long as you got there initially from my link. Worst case, you just click on the cover of The Shadow Within and that should be enough. Click here to get to the interview.

  3. Finally please share this page on your social platforms. I have quick links to share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on every post. I also have a link you can copy if you want to share another way.

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