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You're bored, I get it...

Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

Today is going to be lighter than usual. I'm finishing up my second novel, The Pope Lick Massacre and time has been tight...even in this government-sponsored lockdown. I have to layout the paperback and kindle versions, get a blurb that works (you can learn about that process here if you're interested or bored), work with my wonderful designer to get a cover that screams "massacre", and entertain a houseful of family that usually isn't here 24-7.

So I want to share a short film I was introduced to in a fan site on Facebook when I was advertising my first novel, The Shadow Within...still available to order on Kindle if you're really bored and want to read a scary book. It's only 2:44 long so if you like to be creeped out, I think it delivers.


The other thing I want to share is a list of Netflix codes. It opens up your search and may even introduce you to things you didn't know was on the site. Branch out and look for something new and interesting. The only catch? The codes only work on the computer. You need to have the following in the browser:

and after the last slash, you enter the code number. Doesn't work on the app but I'm sure you can search using the word combination next to the code to get it to pull up. Worst case you can search on your computer to tag some new things to watch later on the TV. Below are the codes I've found...

See you Wednesday with the next part to the Ephraim Godwin story and maybe with a new cover to share...

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